Services, Rates and Contact

I can give you more than just technical and story structure criticism, I can provide an engaging rapport that will encourage you to make the most of your story, even when that requires major alterations.

I know what it’s like to be on both sides of the keyboard. I’m here to help make your stories better, sort out the little plot bunnies, and meet the standards required for publication, but not interfere with your unique voice. A good editor is like a collaborator who knows it’s the author’s show, but is just as excited to see the project succeed.

As a writer and an editor, my passion lies in fantasy, science fiction, mystery, adventure, and romantic comedy. However, any story and any genre has the potential to grab my interest, and I always put my best effort into the projects I take on.


Services Provided and Process

Beta Reading gives you basic feedback from the perspective of a reader.  Are the characters interesting? Is their dialogue believable? Does the plot have a hole in it large enough to fly a Star Destroyer through? The kind of general advice you want to act on before you submit your story to an editor. The rate below reflects books under 100K words in length. Please inquire first if your book is longer.

$0.005 (half a cent) a word – maximum $250 (unless over 100K in length)

Content Editing goes much deeper than this. This is where I point out the strengths and weaknesses of a book and give suggestions on how to improve it without sacrificing your vision or voice. This includes characterization, plot, foreshadowing, removing redundancies, whatever is needed to make your story tight. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are also covered in this, but not a Final Line Edit.

A second pass helps clean things up further and is highly recommended if the first pass required a lot of work. This is to make sure nothing was missed, as well as to tighten the story and themes even further to really make the work shine.

$0.015 (one and a half cents) a word for TWO complete passes
$0.01 (one cent) a word for ONE complete pass

Line Editing is for when you are ready to submit or publish and want someone to find the little things that people miss when they’ve been over a manuscript a hundred times and their eyes are starting to bleed ink. That includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, and internal consistencies.  Story advice is not provided.

$0.005 (half a cent) a word 

It’s typically a good idea not to have your content editor also be your line editor. It always pays to have a different set of eyes give it that last once over. 

All edits are handled using Track Changes and Comment Bubbles on Microsoft Word.
All rates are in US dollars. 


Trial Edits and Payment

You want to be sure that you and your editor are going to be a good fit, so I will edit the first five to ten pages of your novel (depending on length) at no charge, to help ensure that we’re a good fit, and that you want me to take on the job.

Payments are handled through PayPal, with one quarter being sent at the project’s start, and the remainder at its completion.


Contact The Editor

You can reach the editor by emailing Most emails will be answered within 24 hours.