“There were two stages in my writing life. Pre-Noah and Noah. I can’t say enough how working with him changed my life. We work so well in sync and we have fun while we create wonderful books. His understanding of the art of storytelling in addition to being a wizard with words, makes him invaluable to me as an editor. I can’t imagine a writing life without him in it.”

– Lauren Smith, National Best-Selling Author of the League of Rogues series


“I have to say that I was so very lucky to get Noah as my editor on my debut novel and, thankfully, to keep him. Beyond being an excellent content editor who could see where I was going with my series even before I could, Noah is a terrific copy editor and line editor as well, taking me to task on my persistent writing idiosyncrasies (more like idiocies!) What I really love about Noah is the way he delivers his commentary – with so much humor and wit. And because he takes the time to understand where I am going with a particular story, as well as with the entire series, his input is invaluable on the best way to get there. Here’s to many more stories, Noah. Thank you!”

– Donna June Cooper, author of the Books of the Kindling series


“Working through the editing process with Noah was a wonderful experience and the results were stunning. I’m not saying it wasn’t painless or at times humbling, but I am saying it was worth it. Noah’s professional eye for the balance of plot, character development, sharp dialog, story arc, and pacing was impressive. He guided me to fix issues that both my beta readers and I had missed. He encouraged me to flex my writing muscles for the betterment of the story as well as my future as a writer, and he did it all with humor and a keen understanding of an author’s fragile sense of self. Thank you, Noah.”

– DB Kennison, author of Still Life 


“I was scared to work with an editor for the first time, but working with Noah was a wonderful experience. His edits were spot on, he listened to my opinions, and he really took my book to the next level. Best of all, working with him was fun! My book wouldn’t be the same without his stellar editing experience and I would work with him again and again.”

– Melanie Stanford, author of Sway


“Noah Chinn is one of those editors with whom any writer would be honored to work. With his keen eye and quick wit, Noah was able to transform my manuscript and elevate it. I learned so much from him when we worked together and I would have no trouble recommending his editing services to any author.”

– Rosanna Leo, author of Vice


“One of the most important things I’ve learned in my career as an author is the importance of working with a top-notch editor. Noah can create order out of a manuscript filled with chaos. He can see the forest when all I see are trees. Using humor and logic, he can vastly improve the story without interfering with the author’s voice or style. He’s made such an impact on my work I’m convinced he has a superhero outfit in his closet with a big “E” on the chest.”

– Barbara Meyers, contemporary romance author


“Never underestimate the power of good editing. More importantly, never underestimate the power of GREAT editing, and that’s what you’ll get with Noah. With humour and tact, he approaches editing both in the larger, plot-oriented sense and with the smaller details that make a story shine. My writing is infinitely better with him on board.”

– Sophie H. Morgan, author of The Divided Kingdom series