These are just some of the books I’ve edited over the years. My authors are from around the world and cover a wide range of genres and sub-genres.

Lauren Smith’s Website: http://www.laurensmithbooks.com/bookshelf/

Donna June Cooper’s Website: http://www.donnajunecooper.com/books/

Marie Harte’s Website: http://marieharte.com/bookshelf/

Barbara Meyers’ Website: http://www.barbarameyers.com/bookshelf.html

Anson Barber’s Website                        DB Kennison’s Website                        Rosanna Leo’s Website

 Sophie H. Morgan’s Website                   Melanie Stanford’s Website                         Evie North’s Website         

Writing Portfolio

This portfolio contains a selection of my personal publications, including novels, graphic novels, newspapers, magazines, and short stories.

More information about my novels and short stories, including excerpts, can be found at my author website: http://www.noahchinnbooks.com/my-books/