Working on a New Site…

Well I’ve had a first look at the new author’s website Nita is putting together for me.  It’s not active yet, but I must say I am impressed.  It’s clean, elegant, and makes me look like I’m WAY more reputable an author than I actually am. I’m looking into transferring this blog lock stock and … More Working on a New Site…

A Game of Thrones

Late to the party, I know, but I’m finally watching HBO’s series A Game of Thrones. I’m not going to bother gushing about it.  It rocks.  Great cast – Sean Bean is awesome, as always.  Peter Dinklage probably has the best character in the series as Tyrion Lannister (aka the Imp), but really there isn’t … More A Game of Thrones

A Logo for Mossfoot

Nita at Inky Kiss is currently working on an author’s website for me.  In the meantime she’s noted that I use Mossfoot as a kind of trademark or icon for myself, which is true.  On the forums he’s my avatar and username, as a cartoonist he’s the character most closely connected to me, when I’m travelling … More A Logo for Mossfoot

Captain America

F**K YEAH! While Cowboys & Aliens was fun and forgettable with some great lead performances, Captain America is spectacular and memorable with some great supporting performances. Chris Evans gives a fine performance, but I honestly can’t say it was great.  It did the job and it did it well, but it doesn’t stand out the way, say, … More Captain America

Cowboys & Aliens

With a name like Cowboys & Aliens you don’t go in expecting much.  This is Jon Favreau’s latest film, which is probably the reason I gave it a chance.  Jon “gets” comic book movies.  Though to be honest, given the quality of comic book movies lately that’s no longer as remarkable as it used to … More Cowboys & Aliens

Updated iPhone look

The Hipstamatic recently came out with a new case and lenses for a promotion of Cowboys and Aliens (which I actually would like to see).  So I’ve gone back to my Steampunk look, with the moving gear and spring background.  I’ve updated it with rounder keys and old west font and whatnot (though not brass… … More Updated iPhone look

GeoCache Continued

So I’m having a busy long weekend.  After the Geocaching I went to a wedding in Victoria, had my Facebook raped, and visited several of Gillian’s relatives before heading back, so I’m still trying to catch up with where I left off. Let’s see, when I met Gillian at Stanley Park, the first thing I … More GeoCache Continued