So I got a twitter account, one that will be linked with the new website (that is almost ready for prime time).  I have made a total of two tweets so far. @NoahJDChinnNoah J.D. Chinn You know, somewhere along the way “way back in the 20th century” stopped being a joke and started being said … More Twitter…

Time for a Kayak Break

Burnt out from torturing myself over Bleeding Heart Yard, Gill and I went with our friend Kasia on a short kayaking trip.  It was a fun day out, and I certainly gave my arms a workout.  Rather than paddling along the beach we went out into the open ocean to see if we could get … More Time for a Kayak Break

Working on a New Site…

Well I’ve had a first look at the new author’s website Nita is putting together for me.  It’s not active yet, but I must say I am impressed.  It’s clean, elegant, and makes me look like I’m WAY more reputable an author than I actually am. I’m looking into transferring this blog lock stock and … More Working on a New Site…

A Game of Thrones

Late to the party, I know, but I’m finally watching HBO’s series A Game of Thrones. I’m not going to bother gushing about it.  It rocks.  Great cast – Sean Bean is awesome, as always.  Peter Dinklage probably has the best character in the series as Tyrion Lannister (aka the Imp), but really there isn’t … More A Game of Thrones

A Logo for Mossfoot

Nita at Inky Kiss is currently working on an author’s website for me.  In the meantime she’s noted that I use Mossfoot as a kind of trademark or icon for myself, which is true.  On the forums he’s my avatar and username, as a cartoonist he’s the character most closely connected to me, when I’m travelling … More A Logo for Mossfoot

Captain America

F**K YEAH! While Cowboys & Aliens was fun and forgettable with some great lead performances, Captain America is spectacular and memorable with some great supporting performances. Chris Evans gives a fine performance, but I honestly can’t say it was great.  It did the job and it did it well, but it doesn’t stand out the way, say, … More Captain America

Cowboys & Aliens

With a name like Cowboys & Aliens you don’t go in expecting much.  This is Jon Favreau’s latest film, which is probably the reason I gave it a chance.  Jon “gets” comic book movies.  Though to be honest, given the quality of comic book movies lately that’s no longer as remarkable as it used to … More Cowboys & Aliens