About The Editor

Noah Chinn was born in 1973 in Ontario, Canada. After living in British Columbia for some time he moved to Tokyo, where he taught English. After a few years of that he moved to England, where he managed several book stores in Central London. He has since completed his long term circumnavigation of the globe by returning to Canada.

As a young child, Noah’s favorite writers were Gordon Korman and Eric Wilson, both of whom made him realize that being an author was an attainable goal. In high school he moved on to Harlan Ellison, William Gibson and Douglas Adams. These days, he is inspired most by Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and Jasper Fforde.

Noah’s articles and cartoons have appeared in publications as diverse as the Globe & Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) and Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, an off-the-wall comic that focuses on a group of role playing gamers.

When time allows, Noah likes to go on cycling adventures; past trips include crossing Canada, much of the US and Japan, and several European countries. While in Japan, Noah climbed up Mount Fuji – and he can highly recommend the view – as well as taking along a good pair of warm gloves – and maybe an oxygen tank or two.

Currently Noah lives in Vancouver and has three published novels, Bleeding Heart Yard, Trooper #4, and Getting Rid of Gary. His next, The Plutus Paradox, will be released this summer. He also has collections of short stories available for the Kindle. You can visit his author website at: http://www.noahchinnbooks.com/