New Website Up and Running!

Well, to all five of you who follow my blog, it’s moving to a new address!

My friend Nita worked on this for a while, and created a layout that is simple, clean and elegant.  Something that can be used as my official author’s page, a place to record all my previous adventures (which up till now were scattered to the four internet winds) as well as my usual blog – which I’ve transferred over.

There will probably be some bugs to work out.  It’s not quite finished, my cross Canada bike trip needs to be transferred, for example, and some of the blog code might need updating (for things like YouTube videos and missing pictures).

Basically this has given me an excuse to collect my entire online identity in one place from 1997 onward.  I hope you like it.

I’ll be leaving this blog up so latecomers will know where we all went.  Then I’ll boobytrap it with mines to take out stray rats.

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