Time for a Kayak Break

Burnt out from torturing myself over Bleeding Heart Yard, Gill and I went with our friend Kasia on a short kayaking trip.  It was a fun day out, and I certainly gave my arms a workout.  Rather than paddling along the beach we went out into the open ocean to see if we could get alongside an anchored tanker.

Naturally, I wanted to take pictures, but taking pictures with an iPhone over open water in a kayak is a great way to earn a Stupid Git of the Year Award.  I don’t have a waterproof case for it (yet), so I improvised one using a ziplock snack bag (just the right size), a tight alligator clip, and a shoestring to tie it around my neck.  The sandwich bag plastic doesn’t interfere with the touch screen,  and it stayed secure even when shaken vigorously.  I was able to hang it around my neck and in theory it would keep the phone dry if I had accidentally fallen into the drink.

That didn’t happen, but of course there is a sandwich bag covering it, so the pictures I took have an extra distortion to it on top of the usual Hipstamatic ones.

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