A Game of Thrones

Late to the party, I know, but I’m finally watching HBO’s series A Game of Thrones.

I’m not going to bother gushing about it.  It rocks.  Great cast – Sean Bean is awesome, as always.  Peter Dinklage probably has the best character in the series as Tyrion Lannister (aka the Imp), but really there isn’t a bad actor in the show, child or adult.  Production quality is superb, and the writing is great.

I’m glad to see George R.R. Martin wrote a couple of the episodes himself and has an active hand in the series’ production.  That bodes very well for the future.

If I have a complaint about it it’s that HBO continues to earn it’s nickname of Her Boobs are Out!  Look, I’m no prude.  I like boobs as much as the next man, but sometimes it just feels like sex and/or nudity (it’s not always for titilation) is thrown in just because they can, or like they have a quota to meet.  My suspicions are further aroused (ahem, poor choice of words) when Gillian pointed out that some of the more erotic scenes don’t happen in the book.

Look, breasts are like CGI and other special effects – they should serve the story and not just be there because they can.  How many SF movies have you seen where it was pretty clear the effects were being far too self-indulgent and didn’t actually help the movie at all?  Same difference.

That said, most of the time it does serve the story and keeps it grounded in reality.  A Game of Thrones is not a light fantasy, but one that takes as many cues from history as it does literature.  As such, it doesn’t gloss over things for the sake of a PG rating.  Because there is a sense of real history to the fiction, Tolkien would approve of these books, I think.  I can’t wait to start reading them myself.