A Logo for Mossfoot

Nita at Inky Kiss is currently working on an author’s website for me.  In the meantime she’s noted that I use Mossfoot as a kind of trademark or icon for myself, which is true.  On the forums he’s my avatar and username, as a cartoonist he’s the character most closely connected to me, when I’m travelling or adventuring he’s my mascot, and even when I’m writing books he’s always somewhere in the background – even makes a cameo now and then in an Alfred Hitchcock kind of way.

I plan on eventually writing children’s books as well as novels, so at some point Mossfoot will come back into my projects.  When that happens, or even if I’m just referring to my previous job working on Fuzzy Knights, it wouldn’t hurt to have a logo I can use for that part of my professional work, so Nita came up with this: