For Sale: Used Wife. Cheap!

Steven King wrote in On Writing about the importance of a supportive spouse. For every first novel he sees that is dedicated to a wife or husband, he nods to himself, thinking, “There’s someone who understands what it’s like.”

The other day on The Daily Show, they did a skit about the closing of the Borders chain of bookstores. Around the middle John Hodgman says “The reality is there’s nothing more depressing than watching a pasty shut-in author bear his soul in front of a half filled row of folding chairs. Believe me, I know.”  They then cut to a picture of John at Borders doing exactly that.

Gillian starts laughing uncontrollably. It was funny, but not THAT funny. I ask her why she’s laughing so hard and she only starts laughing harder.

It suddenly clicks. My eyes narrow.

“You’re imagining that happening to me, aren’t you?”

She’s shaking her head “no” but is laughing so hard she can’t breathe.

“You are! You’re totally picturing that happening to me and you find it hilarious!”

Tears are at the edge of her eyes. She can’t speak, and tries to wave me off.

Glad to see such support and dedication from the woman I love… I think I’ll put her up on Craigslist in the Bargain Bin.