Promoting Bleeding Heart Yard: Step 4 – Profit!

So, how much do I stand to make off my novel?

Basically it’s 15% for each hard copy sold and 45% for each electronic copy.  This seems to be on the high end of the scale from what I can tell.  That’s awesome, of course.

So if the book sells for $12 in print (US) and $5 in ebook format, then I should see about $1.80 of that in print and $2.25 in ebook.  I’m sure there are other things I haven’t taken into account, but let’s just run with this.  We’ll split the difference for the sake of simplicity and say $2.00 a book across the board.  So if I sell 100 books, I’ll make $200.

Now, although I’ve been writing for ages and have had little things published in a variety of places since 2000, I didn’t start seriously writing novels until I got to England, about six years ago.  At that time I wrote a book about an English teacher in Japan that eventually got me an agent (after contacting over a hundred publishers and agents), and even then the book never sold.

So, let’s see… cost of six years worth of laser printer paper and toner cartridges for ungodly numbers of revisions, envelopes and stamps to send off anything from query letters to three chapter samples to well over 100 publishers and agents – including return postage for a reply – books on writing, notebooks to write first drafts in, not to mention time and effort and god know what else…

Is it possible for a calculator to cry?

Um… y’all can talk a good dozen or so friends into buying a copy too, right?