Promoting Bleeding Heart Yard: Step 2 – Website

Facebook is a good start, and easy enough to do (I had to do it for Odin Books recently so I had practice), but I also need something dedicated for the book as well.

A friend of mind has offered to design a website for me, and that’s something I’m going to take her up on (Nita’s really good at it, has her own company, Inky Kiss), but not just yet.  See, to get a web address that you can redirect to your site is relatively cheap.  But getting a dedicated server to host your site can be an expensive proposition.  Both Nita and the chief editor at Mundania agree it costs about $100 a year.

On the one hand, it takes money to make money.  On the other hand, I don’t have money.

I have a hard time justifying anything more than $10 these days outside of rent and bills, and it would seem hypocritical of me to chastise Gillian for buying new books (she has tons here she hasn’t read yet and we have a library nearby) then drop ten times as much on a website.

Besides, the chief editor at Mundania had some very good advice: Don’t get a website for the book, get a website for the author.  It’s the author you’re really promoting, after all.  If someone likes Bleeding Heart Yard they’re that much more likely to read the next book I come out with.  But with only one book under my belt it seems a bit premature to have an author website right now.

An alternative came to mind.  My blog here is hosted free and there’s a wide variety of free templates for it, so maybe I could come up with a website that way.

Here’s the result (click, I dare you):

I’m actually pretty happy with it.  Simple and direct.  It could be cleaner, I wish I could make the title font bigger and widen the centre column a bit… maybe a different font?  I dunno.  But given my limited skill and budget of $0.00 I think it’s pretty good 🙂

But I’m almost ready to submit my second book (and have another in the wings ready for a third draft) so with luck it won’t be long before I’m looking seriously into a dedicated website for myself (which I’m sure Nita will help make awesomesauce) which can showcase what’s available and what’s coming soon 🙂

If you have any suggestions for a starving author, I’m more than happy to hear it!