Promoting Bleeding Heart Yard: Step 1 – Faceboook

Bleeding Heart Yard is only a month or so away from release, so I’m now thinking about how I’m going to get word out about it.  Sure, I can count on my grandma buying a dozen copies and maybe a few pity copies from aunts and uncles, but what about the rest of the world?  Specifically the people who would actually be interested in a bizarre comedy involving curses (of more than one kind), true love and monsters?

Step One I figure, is Facebook.  So I made a page:

Of course, that link will change in the near future.  Once I have 25 likes I think I can get it is own unique web address.

What to put on such a page is another question.  For now I put up alternate covers for the book, author pictures and some pictures of the real Bleeding Heart Yard, but I’ll be looking for more to add in the future.

Step Two will be some kind of website.  I’m working on that now as we speak…

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