Can’t Fault Him For Trying: aka Truth In Advertising

Came across this guy on Granville after seeing Captain America.

It was almost worth a dollar for the laugh that gave me, except the only reason I saw a movie at all was because I had a gift certificate from my brother.

But the guy was nice enough to give me some advice anyway.  “It’s pretty free, and pretty shitty,” he said.

“Try being just like everyone else.”

Yep.  That’s shitty advice, all right.  Well worth the nothing I spent.  But if I had enough money that it was burning a hole in my pocket I would have given him a loonie.  Silliness, humour, and creativity should be rewarded.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Fault Him For Trying: aka Truth In Advertising

  1. “Do whatever it takes to keep a smile on your face” there’s a little more. Just got back in Vancouver, still shelling out the shittiest advice on the planet, I have tons of people snap photos of my sign, take videos, have gotten a pretty good response. I do it because after 4 years of some of the hardest work on this planet (ie. roughnecking oil rigs in -40, sailing 730ft freighters) I realized I’m not just another cog in the wheel, or piece of rusted machinery, I am my own wheel, spinning into an oblivion of experiences, and fond regretless memories. I had it all, took it all for granted, and revelated and formulated life the way I see fit, which just so happens to currently be the shitty advice business. I am full well aware it is not my calling or niche in life, but I used to be apprehensive, confused, and even sometimes scared to poke my head out of my little shell, but after a years worth of highway-hitching, freight-hopping, woods-living adventure, I accomplished everything I set out to do, mainly to live, and not merely exist. Sure I get the odd downer shouting automated conditioned dribble about getting a job, mortgage, line-of-credit, white picket fence etc. but when I see 80% of those who walk by either smile, giggle, or offer subtle encouragements, it truly does wonders for the soul.

    1. Whoa. I’m impressed you tracked down this little blog entry 😉 Hope you’re able to keep spreading the word on Granville Street. I’ll repost this entry on 🙂

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