Back Taro The Drawing Board…

My Taro plant got so big in such a small inner pot that it fell over.  Charles got me a larger pot to put the plant into, but I misunderstood some of his instructions.  Not to go into detail, but the end result was water all over the floor, dirt flung in the air, a wet butcher knife, a crazed look on my face, and lots of decapitated stems.

Fortunately for me the roots are intact and it should start over from scratch.   The bigger pot should at least ensure that one of the three roots I have is successful, and if all three are at some point I’ll choose the strongest of the three, put it in the centre and remove the other two.  I have a co-worker who would probably like a Taro plant anyway.

No, I don’t have pictures of the aftermath.  It was an embarrassing debacle on my part and I wasn’t exactly eager to chronicle it.

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