Feelin the writin groove – it’s been so long…

One good bit of advice I got recently regarding what I can do to help sales for my upcoming novel, Bleeding Heart Yard, is to get to work on another book right away.  When people read a book from an author they like they tend to take a look at their back catalog, so each new book helps the sales of your previous books (if that makes sense).

Fortunately, I already had a book ready – first draft at any rate.  And I’ve finally gone through a third proper edit of it.  Once I have some feedback from whatever trusted reader/writer friends have the time, I’ll be sending it off to the publisher to see if they like it.

In this case I feel especially thrilled for a few reasons.  Instead of just editing I found myself needing to write a few thousand new words for it.  I’ve been having a bit of a dry spell lately (like THREE months dry) and was starting to wonder if I’d ever get out of it.

Well, after four pages in my Moleskine notebook, I was starting to feel the old thrill again.  Writing, scratching out, writing again, not feeling it was quite right until – BAM – something clicks and several pieces fall together at once.  It’s like mixing a jigsaw puzzle metaphor with architecture.  It’s not just a matter of forcing pieces to fit.  When you get it right you can instantly see the whole construction is more solid and stable for it, whereas before it seemed a bit rickety.

That’s job satisfaction.