I’ve been busy lately playing with new toys both on and offline.  Gill and I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons online (a game best played with a group of friends).  I’ve been modding my iPhone more, finally tracked down the reason for a unknown persistent battery drain (yay!).

And I’ve been checking this place out:

It’s in Beta only right now, but it shows promise as an intuitive social networking site.  Will it be a Facebook killer?  Killer is the wrong word – it’s not a zero sum game.  What I think it will be is the Macintosh to Facebook’s PC.  Facebook will be the industry standard, slow to change and adapt, but used by just about everyone – both business and casual.  Google+ will be dynamic and adapting, with a user friendliness Mac users are already familiar with.

Time will tell if I make the switch from Facebook to Google+… ideally I’d like to find a way to cross post with both of them as well as have them forward people here for my longer articles.

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