Updated iPhone look

The Hipstamatic recently came out with a new case and lenses for a promotion of Cowboys and Aliens (which I actually would like to see).  So I’ve gone back to my Steampunk look, with the moving gear and spring background.  I’ve updated it with rounder keys and old west font and whatnot (though not brass… yet).  The keys also sound like typewriter keys now.

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2 thoughts on “Updated iPhone look

  1. Saw the trailer as prelude to Potty Harrer. I am not impressed.

    WAS impressed with Deathly Hallows part deux. Its major limitation for a Muggle like me (Muggle in my universe being anyone who hasn’t read and reread the canon) is the pace at which things happen and plot links appearing like deus ex machina because I missed the 30 nanosecond frame where (insert adumbrationof your choice) the plot thickened. Obviously if I had read he books all would have been clear including the changes from the books e.g. Luna marries Mr. Deus ex machina the assassin of Nagina instead of the other girl.

    Still they didn’t compress as much as Mike Nichols did in Catch 22
    Actually Neville should have been callled Octavius. So that he could be nicknamed Rikky Tikky Tavy (and I KNOW Rowling has read that story because nagina is the female cobra)

    What I was particularly waiting for was the 19 years later to see how well makeup did their job.
    Ginny was perfect exactly how she should have looked at late 30 something. Harry looked a bit too you particularly considering the harrowing thingss he’d beenthrough and then signing
    on as an Auror. Ron and Draco very good Hermione Waaaaaay too young.

    All in all though a must see again. Perhaps in 3D as I missed it last Tuesday due to a schedule misannouncement

    1. You must have seen a poor trailer, because Cowboys and Aliens looks hella fun.

      Saw DH2, and it was definitely a proper conclusion to the series. I thought the final climax with Voldy was a bit too Hollywood (some of it worked, some of it didn’t), but overall it works.

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