GeoCache Continued

So I’m having a busy long weekend.  After the Geocaching I went to a wedding in Victoria, had my Facebook raped, and visited several of Gillian’s relatives before heading back, so I’m still trying to catch up with where I left off.

Let’s see, when I met Gillian at Stanley Park, the first thing I needed to do was set up my GPS program.  I’ve never used Commander Compass before, and it took me a while to figure out how to input the coordinates, but once that was done it gave me a nice big arrow, a distance to reading, and we were off!

The first cache was easy.  We didn’t even need to decode the hint.

The blue line is us.  We wandered down to the Theater Under the Stars.  The treasure was supposed to be behind the stage, but we couldn’t find a way in, so we circled around on the assumption they didn’t mean directly behind the actual stage.

Once we were in the right approximate location I just looked around and figured “if I was a hidden treasure, where would I be?”  Hmmm… hollow gap in a tree…


This was an easy geocache by all accounts.  Rated 1 star for difficulty and terrain.  Inside were a bunch of wrist bands as well as some other odds and ends.  In the end we took a Canadian flag pin and left behind a magnifying glass.  We signed the log book and looked for our next treasure to find.

This next one turned out to be more difficult.  It lead us to the parking lot near the Vancouver Aquarium, but deep in the woods around it.

The compass pointed into the woods, but the problem was where to approach it from.  The directions told us to start at a parking meter and follow a path in from there – after climbing over some fallen logs.  Only it turned out to be a dead end.  We’d need a machete to get in.  Another pair of geocachers were coming back in defeat, so Gill and I searched for another way in.

At a different parking meter we saw what looked more promising.  I carried Gillian over the more difficult fallen logs.

This time we needed to use the clue.  Gillian deciphered it.  A simple code that read “Base of large sump that is next to a large evergreen”

That helped enough to track it down.  Victory again!

This one contained a wider variety of items.

I left a bag of dice here and took a pin that read “I’m obsessed with my GPS”

It felt appropriate.

We then broke for lunch before heading off for another batch further north.

Well, for cache 3, we might as well just go to the video tape.  I originally recorded a nearly spot-on perfect on hand account of it… then my wife’s iPhone crashed and I lost the footage.  So I did my best to recreate it using my phone.  Oh well.

After that it didn’t go so well.  We failed to find the last two caches of the day.  One might have been just a matter of not finding the right stump, but the other?  I’m sure I found it.  The clue only said “Think Tree” but come on, how could THIS (in the middle of an area Gillian couldn’t access,  this cache had a difficulty of 3.5 for terrain) not be it?

A perfect cavity, with a great hole reaching up.  But I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Dammit.  Oh well, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad for our first adventure!

So that’s geocaching in a nutshell.  We’re definitely going to do it again.

So here’s the complete slideshow of all the pictures from the day (most of which aren’t shown above.  More or less in order. 😉

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