Canada Day – Geocache Day

What better way to celebrate our nation’s big day than by rambling about the woods looking for cheap crap?

First there was the preparation.  An iPhone 3GS with the Commander Compass app.  This is a free app that you can input GPS coordinates into and follow to your destination.  Not just Lat/Long, but even elevation if you have that info.  It’s pretty bare bones, but was all we needed.


I also had GeoGuide 3D running in the background, so I could have a look at all the places we went today.  Gill would take the bus to Stanley Park and I would meet her there by bike.  I now have a handlebar mount for the iPhone, so I took this opportunity to use it (and listen to 2112 by Rush en route).

Once in Stanley Park, I had a half dozen or so GeoCache maps printed off which we could pick and choose from.  Difficulties ranged from 1 to 3 stars.  Traditionally you take something from the cache and leave something in its place, so I brought some nicknacks I could put inside, plastic rings, toy magnifying glass, and some spare dice I wouldn’t need anymore.  We brought more than enough for lunch and snacks.

With all this ready, it was time for Gill and I to strike out.


To be continued…

(Yes, I made her wear the hat)