GeoGuide 3D – Test Run

I biked along part of the Seawall today and test out the GeoGuide 3D app.

This time wanted to see how it worked in the background, have it track me, turn it off, stretch out the battery as much as possible.

After a trial run from home to the bank, I cleared the setting and started out in earnest.  I traveled to Kitsilano and followed the Seawall around past Science World, then circled back over Cambie Street Bridge.  I stopped to do some grocery shopping before heading back so I could see what happened indoors with no signal.

The GeoGuide allows you to set how often it updates based on time and distance.  For example, you can set the recording interval between 1 second and 25 seconds, and the distance filter between 1 meter and 100 meter.    The greater these settings the less power is going to be consumed, but the less fine tuned the tracking is going to be.

If you’re going to be travelling all day along a straightforward and predictable route, there’s no reason not to set those settings to the highest.  For the test, I had it record every 5 seconds and 5 meters.

After 2 hours of use my battery went down to 75%.  I suspect this would drop more if the above settings were set higher.  If I was hiking, for example, I would definitely have it set to record every 25 seconds instead.  I would, however, like to know how to maximize my battery life.  What settings should I have on the app and on the iPhone to get the most out of it?

While you can pre-load maps for the device for offline use, you don’t need to.  You can record your trip in completely unknown territory, come home, then download the map just for the surrounding area you visited (taking up much less time/memory that DLing large areas.  And, of course, in Live mode you can explore anywhere, whether you’ve preloaded it or not.

Overall, I’m pleased with this first test run of the program.  I remember specific deviations from the bike route and it tracked me through all of them.  It’s accurate, useful, and allows you to look over a trip and analyse it however you like after the fact.  I look forward to figuring out more I can do with it.

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