6 Words – 12 Pictures

Photography is an interesting hobby because of it spontaneity.   You come across something and just have to take a picture of it. Or, as is more likely for me, you come across something and you say “I wonder how I could use this in a picture?”  I’ve collected a fair bit of junk over the years during Fuzzy Knights because I found odds and ends that might be useful in an episode later.

Well, at work I was relabeling the bookshelves when the label machine ran out of tape.  When I went to replace it, what I thought was a fresh roll was in fact an old one, and when I unrolled it, I saw the negatives (so to speak) of negatives from long ago.  Light passed through the letters clearly, while the tape remained black.

So, how can I use this in a picture?

I realized the order the words came out in almost told a story, so I decided to take six of those words and see what I could do with them.

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