Well that’s a different kind of “put on hold”

I called Virgin Mobile to try and sort some stuff out on my new phone account.  Naturally enough I was put on hold.  No big deal.  Only before I could be put on hold I had to choose what music I was going to be put on hold with.

“To mellow out, Press 1.  To get pumped up, Press 2.  To listen to what we’re listening to, Press 3.”

That’s gotta be a first, having to chose HOW you’re put on hold.  How about some other choices:  “To be kept on hold until you throw your phone at the wall, press 1.  To be spoken to immediately, then put on hold, then talked to again for three seconds only to be put on hold for another twenty minutes, press 2.  To be ignored complete, Press 3.”

What’s worse?  I made the wrong choice for music.  Nothing but Lady Gaga?  Geeze.