Well, for months I had planned a special trip for Gillian.  We had tickets to go up Grouse Mountain and see the Eye of the Wind tour back in November but didn’t use them.  When we went with Kasia we got to go up for free as her assistants due to her disability.  So Gill forgot we even had them.

Problem is the Eye of the Wind tour is only open on weather permitting days and every time it was open we were working or in Sechelt, and now I just found out they expired on May 7th.  And naturally this is the day the weather and timing was perfect to take her there.

I always get annoyed by these things, not because of any financial loss (I’m hoping we’ll get credit with Groupon at least) but because I had planned on doing something special for Gill and right at the moment it was supposed to come together it all fell apart.  Right kick in the nuts, that.

Oh well.  We’re going to try and salvage the day by walking along the SeaWall and visit Science World.  It’s under renovation so the tickets are cheaper.  Hopefully it will make up for it a bit.  Might get some good pictures out of it.  And after that maybe I can finally get my head around editing Bleeding Heart Yard.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that.  Got an editor now and have her first pass/edit in my possession.

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