Quest for 3G(S)

For quite a while now we’ve been thinking about getting Gillian on a different cellphone plan.  The one she has at Koodo not only sucks, it sucks her dry.  Her last bill was for 75 dollars – and that was only for the phone plan.   It all boils down to not having enough minutes and not being able to afford unlimited minutes – either way she’s screwed.

After doing some research and weighing options, we finally decided to go with Virgin.  For $50 a month she can get a new iPhone with 200 minutes of airtime and 500MB of data a month, including voicemail and caller ID.  It works out as a better plan all around plus a better phone.

But there is an ulterior motive at play here – I want the 3GS.  I covet it.  The 3G I got for my birthday is nice, but it is slow.  I have to wait three seconds to open a folder?  Ahhhh, but I want it NOW. [/Homer]

The 3GS is twice as fast, with a better camera (3 megapixel as opposed to 2) that allows for differing focal and light exposure points.  It has an honest to goodness GPS built in, internal compass, and all kinds of other crap I will probably never use…

But we wants it.  Oh yes.  It is precious to me.  Such technology is wasted on Gillian!  Wasted, I say!  But why can’t we both win?  We can have the phone plan put on my old 3G, and I’ll get the 3GS as my camera/internet device.  Win win!

So we travel downtown to the Virgin store in what should have been a quick in-and-out transfer job.  We were planning to get something to eat and see Thor at the movie theatre afterwards, we had that much time to spare.

We ended up there for over two hours.  The computer network was down and as a result their direct lines to customer service were jammed with every Virgin rep having the same problems.

Hopefully this is not a bad omen.

It was a long and tedious process.  The start time for Thor came and passed and still we weren’t done.  Gillian didn’t have her photo ID with her (she’s getting her passport renewed and had to send it all to the government) so it had to be put in my name – and I was worried the credit check would ultimately deny me (it screwed me over for Coast Capital Credit union).

Even after it all got processed there were more problems.  Due to a miscommunication they thought we just wanted a phone plan on my old iPhone 3G, rather than getting a new 3GS.  The prices of the plans were the same, the only difference was getting the 3GS locked us into a 3 year plan rather than a 30 day plan we could ditch at any time.

In time, this too got worked out, and better than we hoped.  Due to the time we had to wait to get this taken care of, Virgin waived the $35 activation fee and gave us an additional 150 minutes a month for as long as we’re with them. That means we’re getting a total of 350 minutes a month plus 500mb of data roaming (as well as voice mail and call display) for $50 a month.  Not bad, and a deal that will pay dividends in the long run.  I doubt we’ll ever go over 350 minutes a month, so we won’t have to worry about paying extra.

There’s just one small problem…

We couldn’t get the phone plan installed on my 3G… which means I’m stuck with my old phone while Gillian zips around with the brand new (comparatively speaking) 3GS.