The Many Deaths of Z-Boo

Meet Z-Boo.

Z-Boo is a puppet we have at work, meant to help engage with special needs children, to teach and encourage them to make eye contact.  His name is spelled differently than what I have but I don’t want anyone to stumble on this site if they’re searching for the real puppet.  Z-Boo is a very useful tool for children with very real problems, and I respect that.

Unfortunately Z-Boo has a small design flaw.

Unless you are actively animating him, he always looks dead.  His mouth is naturally agape, tongue sticking out.  His arms are limp noodles with no structure.  Put Z-Boo anywhere and he inevitably looks deceased or at the very least in the throes of agony.

And so, having a morbid sense of humour, I decided to use what little free time I have at work to chronicle the life – and many many deaths – of Z-Boo.

Poor thing never stood a chance.

(I’ve reversed the order of these being posted so it can be scrolled down rather than up.)