Being Clever

I ordered some add-on lenses for my iPhone – fish eye (180 degree), wide angle and macro, and x2 magnifier – and they just arrived in the mail today!

They’re designed for any phone camera.  If it has a metal backing it works straight out of the box, if not it comes with metal rings with adhesive backing.

In theory they work for the iPhone series, only there’s a small hitch.  The spot where the camera is is curved.  That means you end up seeing part of the lens in your shots, cause it to lean to the side like Peter Falk’s eye.  Durp.

Fortunately, I’m clever.

I whittled away at the hole in my iPhone’s protective case in such a way that I could make it more or less level with the iPhone’s camera lens.  No small feat.  I not only had to cut away on one end to lower it, but then I had to use filler on the other to raise it up.  The end result is not perfect, but works far better than something like this has any right to, especially when you consider I only had an xactoknife, silicon filler, a black marker and crazy glue to work with.

The job wasn’t perfect, in the end I needed to add a bit of copper tape to make it really level.  With the fish eye you can still see part of the edge in the corners, but it would have been far more lopsided ordinarily (and doesn’t affect the Hipstamatic at all).  All the others seem to be fine.

Some sample shots from my livingroom below.  The room was not well lit (and bright outside) so that’s affecting the picture quality a bit.  Some Hispta shots as well for good measure.

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The other good thing is that these lenses are transferable to any camera phone or similar device (I put one of the many spare metal rings on my webcam, for example) so even if I get a better iPhone these will still be useful.


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