Lenka’s Life of Lace

I’ve talked about my co-worker Lenka’s lifelong hobby of creating metal lace.  For thirty years she’s practiced a craft that first gained popularity in the Elizabethan era.  She had an Open House this week to showcase her new collection as well as show the pieces that have been accepted to an international competition in Australia, and a TV interview she conducted as well.

This year she was showing off a new lace project along with her gallery, inspired by the microscopic view of pollen and brightly coloured with beads.

You can always visit her website here: http://www.lenkas.com/ but I wanted to share the photos I took on Saturday.  These are from the Hipstamatic.  Most were taken choosing the film and lenses wisely, but there are some random shots for fun as well.  I’ll have some other proper photos to put up later, once I have a link to the TV interview I mentioned.

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