Protecting the iPhone

Last week I went out for a bike ride, my iPhone in my pocket.  I kept worrying about it falling out (it can happen on a recumbent) so I moved it to my vest.  As soon as I bent over to lock up my bike, however, it slipped out and smacked on the concrete.

It was fine, but gave me a shock, and the phone took a few ugly scratches on the edges.  And I realized how much I treat the thing like a fragile egg.  It’s so slippery I’m always worried it’s going to squip through my fingers and plummet to the ground.

So I got myself a protective case, a clear Griffin case that was thin and light with a rubbery kind of edge to it for grip.  Even got a screen protector kit for cheep.

But I must admit I had an ulterior motive for wanting this.  Still on my photography kick, and with the scratched up back of my iPhone not looking any prettier covered by clear plastic, I found a Hipstamaniac who already had the same idea as me.  One print out later, and here’s the result:

It’s not perfect – his mod was intended for the more squared and flat iPhone 4, but it works nonetheless.  I might make a darker version on better paper later, but the theory is sound.

Can never seem to leave well enough alone.