Just One More Tweek

I’m not the sort of person who is never satisfied.  Honest.  It’s just I can always think of something new when it comes to modifications.  In this case it’s my iPhone’s buttons.   Not the main screen, but everything else.

Activator is an app that comes built in when you jailbreak (I believe).  It  allows you to assign secondary functions to all your buttons.  In my case my Home button will do the standard back-out when tapped once, but double tapping it brings up Camera+ while holding it down brings up Hipstamatic.

This is true anywhere, inside a program or even at the lock screen so I can access either camera quickly.

Not wanting to stop there, I assigned tasks to all my buttons.

Holding down the volume down button activates my flashlight, quickly tapping down then up sets the brightness to maximum, up then down returns it back to my power saving levels.  Holding down the up volume turns on the map function in case I want to know where I’m going.  Turning the mute button on and off quickly brings up the calculator.  Lastly, holding down the power button brings up the SBSettings menu I mentioned earlier.

Now more than ever, my iPhone feels like a Swiss Army Knife, since all the buttons do something useful an can be accessed at any time 😉  And in none of these cases do they interfere with the buttons primary functions.  I naturally tap repeatedly to increase/decrease volume rather than hold down, for example.

The funny thing is, Camera+ got in trouble for adding a feature like this.  They made it so you could take a picture using the volume button.  Apple removed the Camera+ app when they found out – they said it would “confuse” the users.

Confuse? Really?  They don’t think people can grasp that simple concept?

The whole reason it was implemented is because it’s easier and more stable to take a picture that way, rather than having to tap the screen and upsetting the shot.  When Camera+ came back the feature was gone, sadly.  But I have to thank them, hearing this story is what got me thinking about the Applicator function, and now my iPhone is more convenient as a result.