I am perpetually late.

My ranting and raving about the Hipstamatic… my modding of my iPhone 3G… heck, even me starting up this blog… I’ve come to the realization that I’m late.  In everything.  I’m not just late to jump on the bandwagon, I’m the sort of person who catches up to the bandwagon after it reaches its destination and everyone is getting off.

It’s not like I’m adverse to new ideas or technology, it’s just that I never have a need for it in some cases, or enough money in others.  Blogging came out of a need to write a little bit every day after coming back from England more than anything else.   My iPhone was a birthday present, something I adore but couldn’t afford on my own.  And of course even though it’s only a couple years old the iPhone 4 outclasses it in every way.

And today I discovered that my gushing about the Hipstamatic is also late.  My brother informs me that it was all the rage in Toronto – last year.

On the one hand this is disappointing, because it means that just as I’m ready to talk about something for hours with other fans, they’re all “yeah, good luck with that” and going off to other things.  It’s been like this for some video games for me, too.

Oh well, late or not I like what I like.

Here’s a picture I came across showing all the different lens/film combinations for the standard Hipstamatic packs.  Just neat to get a sense of the range you can get.