Gillian the Nordic Walker

I got Gillian a pair of Nordic Walking poles today.  At first I thought it was going to be a huge waste of money.  See, the problem is Gillian doesn’t walk correctly to begin with due to Central Core Disorder, and everything about these poles seemed counter intuitive about her.
She couldn’t get past using the same arm with the same leg, which as you can imagine is just wrong, makes her wobble even more.
Eventually we tired something new.  I got in front of her and walked backwards, holding her hands to make sure they alternated properly, and you should have seen her FLY!  I was barely doing anything other than making sure she used them correctly, and once she was, she was pushing herself along and walking at almost a normal walking pace – which is about 2-3 times faster than she usually walks.

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For now when I let go she goes back to her old habits, but she’s slowly getting deprogrammed.  She was doing it on her own correctly for a while.  Once she gets the hang of this she is going to find her life changed, I think.

2 thoughts on “Gillian the Nordic Walker

  1. Noah,

    I am reading back copies so I don’t know If you will read this. But is Central Core disorder completely neurologocal or does it have a physiological component? I ask this because one of our Masonic charities herein Halifax is a learning centre for Dyslexic kids. I am also halfway throught Jill Bolte-Taylor’s “My stroke of Insight” Where she describes her road back from an absolutely massive stroke (indeed the way she describes it it reminds me chillingly of the aneurism that killed Nalini’s daughter). Finally Linda’s mother has just made a remakable recovery from stroke.

    ALL these point to neuroplasticity as being a possible route to amelioration if not cure. I also think our knowledge of neuroplasticity as limited as it is might help PTSD victms. I’d like to get a discussion going not only with you but anyone on your board.

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