The King’s Speech: aka The Karate King

The Oscars show was a bit boring, but what wasn’t boring were the selection of nominees.  I haven’t come across a lineup where I would go “yeah, I’d like to see that” on just about every film, including the big winner: The King’s Speech.

Aside from excellent performances, though, what put it over the top for me was excellent cinematography.  The camera angles and techniques were very inventive and rarely normal.  They drew your attention to the fact that the shots were unusual without distracting you at all from the story – it was more like an hidden accent added to the script.  Without it, the movie would have been far more ordinary than it was.

In fact, what it reminds me of is The Karate Kid.  An underdog who’s picked on for being different taken under the wing of an unusual teacher with unusual methods that produce real results.  The establishment being against them and a finale that requires him to prove the world that, well…

Someone’s gotta take the training montages for the King and put it to this music.  I can totally imagine Derek Jacobi’s archbishop saying “Sweep the Leg” 😉


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