127 Hours

I’ve been on an adventure or two.  In my opinion I don’t go on nearly enough.  Biking across countries and hiking up mountains is fun, but after a while I need to do something like it again or I just don’t feel right.  I’m actually getting into one of those funks now, but I took a short-term inoculation against it: 127 Hours.

If this doesn’t make you think twice about leaving the comfort of your home, I’m not sure what will.  It’s a good movie, make no mistake, but it does remind me of many a time on the road where I was all too aware of the fact I was alone, and if something happened how long would take for anyone to notice?

I came across a smashed bike helmet once that made me pause and think, and another time in the rain almost got plowed into by a van that had swerved out of control.  I almost got swept off a ferry during a storm in Japan.  But here you have a movie where in one split second a man is put into a situation he simply can’t get out of.

It’s impressive to watch his ingenuity coping as well as he does, and what he does to survive.  It certainly makes us question as to whether we could do the same thing if put into the same position.  And, of course, we see him reflecting on his own life and we wonder what we would be reflecting on in that position.

It’s about Aron, but it also becomes about ourselves.  He seems himself reflected in both memory and imagination as he copes, and we find ourselves doing much the same, either seeing ourselves reflected in his feelings and struggles or imagining ourselves in them.

I definitely recommend this movie.  And despite what I’ve said about this being an inoculation against adventure – it’ll be a very short lived one I’m sure.  I’m already making plans for a bike trip or two, and hopefully a mountain climb.