Not in a rut, but not on a roll, either.

Dang, it’s sad when then only interesting thing you have to talk about is someone getting arrested outside your window.  I mean, it’s not like it was happening to me, I was just losing sleep over it.  News Flash: Noah Loses Sleep.  Ugh.

There are plenty of things going on in the news – multiple uprisings in the middle east, Charlie Sheen going nuts, Mickey Rooney testifying about elderly abuse, bit of hail here yesterday (okay, now I’m stretching).

I’m editing the last of three books, and I have to admit, so far I’m really happy with what I’m reading in Getting Rid of Gary.  I know I’ll need to pad things a bit more not only to make the mystery work better (red herrings as well as character development) but so far it all seems to be there.  Which is a huge relief, because this one is kinda special to me.

So I’m spending my evenings pecking away at this one, and not much else.  Work at the bookstore, dinner, editing, lots of coffee in between (and procrastinating), and reading to Gill before bed.  That about sums up the last week.