Well there’s a night sleep shot.

I’m having trouble getting on a regular blogging routine.  It’s something I want to do, not just because it allows friends and family to keep updated on me if they’re ever curious whether I still exist or not, but because it’s good writing practice.  The best time for me to do this is first thing in the morning while waking up with a cup of coffee.

Of course, it’s made more difficult when you have only slept about two hours all night.

Around 2am Gill and I were woken up by a man yelling and screaming.  I thought he was getting beaten up.  Turns out he was being arrested by police and being a total and complete pussy about it.  Seriously.  This guy wouldn’t get on the ground, he was holding onto a tree, begging for them to let him go, that he’d go along with them, not to hit him, etc…

Now, to be fair, the policemen were perfectly restrained in trying to subdue him.  No Rodney King going on here.  They were really just continuing to apply force and trying to wear him down.  When the K9 unit (complete with barking dog) came along at once point this wuss yells out “I’M SORRY! I DON’T WANNA GO TO JAIL!”

I can’t help but wonder what that was all about.  During his ramblings he mentioned having contacted a friend of his, then as he was taken away it sounded like said friend arrived on the scene, trying to explain things.  Couldn’t really hear enough to do more than speculate, though.

Well, that kept me up for a good couple of hours.  Then another couple hours after that, Gillian got up with chest pains, gas buildup and general discomfort.  And when Gill is up like that I’m not going to get any sleep either, since every cough I’m going to worry if she’s okay.  Next thing I know it’s 7:30 and ah hell I’m not going to get any sleep, am I?

Up in Sechelt I had an equally sleepless night as well, though that was due to a very stiff mattress I wasn’t used to.  Still, it’s hardly conducive towards writing, reading, or thinking for that matter.  Main difference this time is I gotta go open the bookshop and work a full shift.


One thought on “Well there’s a night sleep shot.

  1. Hey Sweetie

    Sorry for waking you up this morning – you deserved a lot more sleep. Hopefully tonight will be better.

    Love Gillian

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