2 projects (almost) down, 2 projects to go

Haven’t had much to talk about lately, but at least I hit a milestone.  I finished editing the second of three novels I was working on.  I just need to put the edits onto the computer and then it’s onto the last book, then writing a new one.

Trooper #4 is an interesting book.  It’s one I definitely think has problems, but is worth saving.  But in order to do so I need to know if others see the same problems I do, and hear their opinions on how they think I should save it.

But at its core I think it’s a funny, exciting, and hopefully even moving story.  Time and more editing will tell, I guess.


One thought on “2 projects (almost) down, 2 projects to go

  1. Save it Save it. The only things wrong are some parts that are expository and didactic.

    I’ll get back toyou on that

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