More free stuff!

The chair I have at the computer desk here is a small, sad, broken thing whose back constantly slides back and never keeps me sitting upright.  Every day I have to grab it by the neck and shake it back into position like a schoolyard bully on allowance day.

At the bookstore we try to recycle everything.  Paper, packing, envelopes, you name it.  They were green before green was cool, because it makes financial as well as environmental sense.  This conservation mentality can be taken to what I might consider extremes, however.  Up until last year they had not internet access, still used a dot matrix printer, and used an fax machine (the kind that uses a roll of thermal paper) as their photocopier.  I kid you not.

It’s amusing, but I don’t presume to judge.  In fact I applaud the notion of using things for as long as they work, and do so whenever possible.  I am not the sort of person who has to buy the latest and greatest, and as you know am not above accepting hand-me-downs.  All of my watches, our living room furniture, my iPhone, and many other odds and ends around the house are either hand-me-downs or were in storage for a decade.

So when I saw a new chair being wheeled in at Odin Books, I suspected it was because they were getting rid of one of the old ones, and jumped at the opportunity.  Now I have a chair that is twice as big and comfortable as the old one, and the back on it bloody well stays put.

New hats, new shoes, movie and theater tickets, iPhone, better chair.  This past month or so has been good to me in the free/gift department.  We may not be financially secure yet, but even if we were I’d gladly take these little bits of good fortune whenever they happen to show up.