One down. Three to go.

I finally finished the edit of Last Dance at the Kitten Club.  I can only hope that trial-by-fire helped make me a better writer and editor.

My God.  I’ve never been so ashamed of a SECOND draft before.

The core story was always worth telling, but the execution.  Ugh.  Clumsy and awkward doesn’t even begin to tell it.  It was downright amateurish at times.  And I thought it was all right when I did my first edit.  I read it aloud to Gillian and somehow it all sounded fine.

What the hell happened?  I don’t think I really edited it at all, I just tried to buff up the first draft like it was a polish.

I feel the story is stronger now.  Much better in many ways.  But I feel like my prose is too straight-forward and functional.  There isn’t a playful sense of prose to it like in stories I like to read.  I’m not talking about anything over the top, I just mean something that isn’t just “set scene, introduce characters, initiate dialog” writing.  I hope this isn’t an ongoing problem.

So now I wonder if in six weeks I’ll look at this draft and wonder if I wasn’t on crack then, too.

Now it’s on to two other first drafts.  Or maybe I should work on writing something new instead?  Not sure.  I’m also helping my brother on a project of his, but that’s more on the research/spitballing side.

At least I have options.