Soon, I shall be Invincible!

First the Hat, then the iPhone, now the Shoes.  The birthday legacy keeps getting better and better.

My brother managed to get me a pair of Anderson boots for me for my birthday.  While these aren’t the pinnacle of boot design (those being the Alden Indiana Jones boots) these are an affordable runner up made even more affordable by my brother having an eye for sales.  Normally $150, he got these for around $40 at Banana Republic.

Pictures taken with my new iPhone... though I clearly need to hold the camera steadier.

With the pants over top of them they’re classy enough to pass for shoes, but functional enough as boots as well.  They’re about half a size too large, but that’s okay.

It was quite strange wearing new shoes for the first time.  As I mentioned elsewhere the sneakers I’ve been wearing I’ve had for about five years.  Here’s the condition they ended up in.

Five years worth of wear and tear on those soles. They were coming off on the back, too.

I’d call that a step up, wouldn’t you (groan).  All that is missing now is a decent jacket/vest and I shall be invincible!


(assuming it’s made of kevlar…)


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