An Evening at the Improv

I enjoy improvising.  Stories, comedy, machines, or just day to day small problems.  Like at work the other week we found a belt hook for the phone at the store.  Problem is it didn’t work, the slightest (and I mean slightest) shake and it snapped off.

Enter my side bag, my pride and joy of daily adventure solutions.  In it I carry first aid, emergency sewing, rope, flashlight, duct tape, and more – including a butane lighter.  The lighter allowed me to melt the belt hook slightly and pinch it so it’s now a snug fit.

Keep this bag in mind for the rest of the day’s events.

It starts off with some more everyday problems.  We decided to hang up some of the stuffed animals from the ceiling, but we didn’t have any twine or string.  My sewing kit (with extra strong thread) solved that.

Later that evening, I was asked to judge at a local improv show down at the J Lounge near Davie Street.  A friend of mine is a performer there, and I felt I needed to shake things up a little.  So I went down and had a good time.

Riding the bus back home, I realized I had left my bag down there.  Ugh.

I tried calling the club and my friend to see if they could find it and set it aside for me, but got answering machines both times.  Not good.  I didn’t want to risk it being walked off with, so I biked back down there in below zero temperatures to pick it up.

I locked up my bike and ran back into the club, where a Ricky Ricardo type show was no playing.  Someone had turned the bag in.  I breathed a sigh of relief and went back to my bike – only to realize I had left my keys at home.

Now, normally I never leave without my keys because I always wear the same vest.  But it was cold out and I thought I’d wear a warmer jacket on the bike – only in my haste I forgot to get my wallet from my vest.

So my bike’s locked up and the keys to unlock it are across town.  Ugh.

Fortunately I still have my bus ticket from when Gill and I went home.  It’s still good for another hour.  But I didn’t lock up my bike completely, the front wheel can come off easily and, again, I’m worried about someone walking off with it, so I take it with me.

In the process I cut my finger.  Ugh.

But now I have my side bag with my first aid kit, so I’m able to clean and patch myself up on the ride home, with the wheel between my legs.  When I get back I make extra sure not to forget anything else – like the wheel.  I was so careful not to forget taking the wheel back I was almost certain it was going to happen anyway.  I’d be standing in front of my bike without a front tire, going “okay, no all I have to do is – GODDAMMIT!”

But no, fortunately the torture ends there.  I bike home in the cold and finally get a chance to relax.

Oh, and congrats to Jamie for winning the Improv games 😉