Birthdays… bah, humbug!

Thirty-eight.  The only good thing about that number is it’s a halfway decent bullet number.

Went to Denny’s to get some free grub.  Gillian made a roast and haggis for dinner (I happen to love haggis as a side).

I’m not the sort of person who cares too much about fashion, but there are a few key articles of clothing I keep meaning to get.  Expensive, but something that will last and can be used in most circumstances.  A new vest and/or jacket good for everyday use but can hold my Moleskine, iPod and wallet.  I’m still hunting for the perfect one of those.

Also, new shoes/boots similar to the following:

This is an Alden boot, and is the style used by Indiana Jones.  Now, to be perfectly honest, it’s not the Indy Factor that I want these (or something close).   Something about them just ring perfect, a cross between a shoe and boot that would work for me in just about any circumstance, and so well made that they’ll last a decades (I’d rather replace the soles than buy a new shoe if they’re good enough quality)

And lastly, there is the continuing quest for the perfect hat.  I’ve got two cheap fedoras and one very nice Biltmore – but unfortunately that one’s brim it too short to block the sun and the felt is such that you don’t want to get it wet if you can help it, either.  I’ve decided to save that one for formal outings.

Gill’s parents gave me $60 for my birthday, and while the pragmatic side of me said to save it for food and bills, the other side of me said I could get the perfect had quest out of the way instead.

This is the result:

It cost $99 (before tax) but is insured for two years and has a lifetime wear and tear guarantee.  I think I can finally scratch the everyday hat off my list.

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