A beautiful ancient craft, in danger of being lost

A co-worker of mine makes lace. Not doilies and the like, but lace out of metal wire, a craft that goes back five hundred years, fashioned for people like Elizabeth I. She’s been doing this for thirty years now, and I figured anyone interested in fantasy RPGs couldn’t help but be impressed by some of her work


Here’s a sample:

In particular check out the Renaissance section, but all of them have impressive pieces.

From the site:

Handmade bobbin lace technique dates back to the Early Renaissance. Gold and silver was used along silk to produce exquisite articles of fashion favoured by royalty and clergy (e.g., the “Pelican” portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. – painted c. 1575 – depicts the Queen wearing a partlet bordered with black needle lace with coverings of ‘bonelace of venice golde’, i.e. bobbin lace edging made from Venetian gold). Lace is delicately woven through European history as an art form that was mastered to perfection by generations.

I have dedicated twenty five years to studying, designing and making metal lace…and I am still a disciple. The more I learn the more I understand and appreciate the depth of knowledge, breadth of skill and height of artistic expression of the lacemakers of the past. With an utmost respect, I am following in their footsteps, carrying on the tradition of transcending time in pursuit of beauty.

Of course, the problem is it’s hard to get people to take the time to learn these skills. She’s taught classes before, but there is a lot to learn, and it’s something that takes a lifetime to master. So she’s definitely someone who deserves props in my book.