An Uncomfortable Truth…

I’ve been in a slump writing, a big one.  Even editing is difficult.  It’s been over a week since I started, and part of the reason is something I haven’t been able to admit to myself until now:

I don’t think Last Dance at the Kitten Club is a good book.

I hope to God I’m wrong, but every time I start on this I don’t feel anything right with it, only what is wrong.   Barely a scene goes by that doesn’t feel wrong all over.

And this is three chapters in.

I need to put my finger on what is wrong and how it’s wrong.  It seems like every time a character is introduced it’s stilted and lifeless.  The characters feel real enough to me, but are muddling about.  There is a lack of energy in the prose, and when I do see energy it feels tacked on, like it’s under contract obligation.

I know how the story goes and as I read it now I’m thinking, “God, I’m not looking forward to that next bit…”

It’s strange because I remember enjoying writing this book.  It wasn’t a chore, but re-reading it is.

But the worst part is it doesn’t feel like something that can be fixed.  Re-written, perhaps, or so heavily edited it might as well be re-written, but not fixed.  Perhaps major hacking is required.  Simplify things.  Though so many things are interwoven character wise that hacking becomes difficult to do.

I’m stuck wondering if it’s just my funk clouding my judgement.  Every writer goes through POS moments where everything they touch is a piece of shit.  But maybe Kitten Club needs to be put away – far far away.  Should I just move on to the other two books I wrote this past year?

Part of me says yes.  Part of me is scared as hell that they’ll be just as bad.  I can live with the idea of Kitten Club being a dud.  If anything it helps explain what happened with my agent.

But I don’t think I could handle all three books being duds, and the only one I’m getting published being the one I was initially least happy with.

I think I should plow through Kitten Club anyway, if only to practice my editing skills and get them ready for the next two books.  Hopefully either this book will get better or the next two will look better by comparison.

Maybe Seven Steps on the Writer’s Path will have some answers…