A month without WiiFit

Once in a while I slip from my morning stretching, but never more than a day or two.  In December, though, I did it maybe once early on and then never again.  After a while I decided it would be educational to wait until the New Year and see what the effects on my body were like when I started up again.

Yesterday I returned to the WiiFit.  I figured I’d have put on weight due to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, as well as various other indulgences, and I was right.  I put on six pounds in one month.  (yikes!)  I suspect at least half of that will drop within the week, mind you, as nature takes its course.

But when it came to the stretching… ugh.  I really felt out of it.  The most telling point was that I could no longer touch the floor with my knuckles (when off the WiiFit, I can touch the floor with my palms flat down).  It’s going to take a week at least to get back to my old flexibility again as well.

And already I can feel the positive effects.  Stretching wakes me up more than coffee.  It’s something people take for granted, I think.

Fun fact: In the last decade they discovered that bears do NOT hibernate all winter.  In fact every day around midday they get up and walk around for an hour (whether fully awake or sleepwalking is another question).  They walk around their den and stretch.  That’s how they manage to keep their muscle tone so good when they finally come out in the spring.

There’s something to be learned in that.


One thought on “A month without WiiFit

  1. Just try it when under the kneecap and a 9 inch surgical scar you have a brand new steel and HDP knee.

    Ouch! but the little physio girls make me do it.

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