New Year’s Resolutions Part Deux

So, I have a whole new year ahead of me. What am I going to do with it?

  1. Back on the Wii Fit. After nearly a month off of it I am feeling the effects. Not stretching in the morning is no good. No good at all. This should be no problem to keep up with. If anything I used December as a reminder WHY I’ve been on the WiiFit for so long. I wonder if I’ve put on weight? Probably have.
  2. Read more. I haven’t been reading nearly enough this past year. Something I plan to remedy. I’ll also try reading to Gillian as well. Reading is vitally important to writing, and reading aloud has obvious benefits. You get a sense of cadence and rhythm that should extend into your writing. Plus Gill digs it.
  3. Focus on writing. Not to write more, mind you, though that will come out of it. I mean focus. Set goals and follow through. Organize what projects need to be worked on, who needs to be contacted about what, who to send manuscripts to, etc… In short, start treating what I’m doing more like a business.


That should do. If I can do this for the year, I should be in good shape.