New Year, Old Friends

When I was living in Japan I went to a New Year’s celebration.  It was a humble affair where people would go to their local temple, line up for a chance to gong a bell and take a sip of sake.  The idea behind it wasn’t about making resolutions for what they would do for the new year, but to put all the bad stuff behind them and start fresh.  New Year’s Day is typically one of rest and no worries, living your life the way you would like the rest of the year to be.  I like that.

Our New Year’s get-together was an enjoyable one.  All my old friends from BC, Kasia, Nita and Sharleen came over, along with Nita’s husband Sudhir and Shar’s fiancée Nick.  So it was just the seven of us in the apartment, chatting and snacking (we had an overload of snacks that probably won’t get used up for several days).  Eventually the girls all played Mario Party on the Wii, while the guys talked about manly stuff like comic books, video games, and Apple products.

Good grief, I just realized I forgot to take any pictures!

So now it’s New Year’s Day and we’re going to take it easy with Kasia, who stayed the night.  Watch the Back to the Future trilogy (something she’s never seen) and I’m going to get my New Year’s resolutions straightened out.

Hope everyone has a great day, puts the crap of the old year behind them, and spends today living the way they hope to live the rest of the year.