Up Grouse Mountain for New Year’s

Well, not quite New Years.  The day before New Year’s Eve.  Gill and I got Groupons to go up earlier in the year (when we had money) and they expire at the end of the month, so we went up yesterday with our friend Kasia.

It was cold as a witch’s tit up there, but it was beautiful.  Clear day, you could see forever, and given the fact that there is no snow in Vancouver (except maybe 2 days a year) it’s the best way to actually get some use out of your winter jacket.

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And so with some fresh air in my lungs and the New Year around the corner, I’m left wondering what I’m going to do in 2011.  As I’ve mentioned before my writing and editing has been slacking, but not only that. I stopped my Wii-Fit and yoga as well.

So my resolutions this year will revolve around those things and more.  I guess I need to do a Winnie the Pooh, sit down and have a think.

Think think think.  Think think think.