Deck the Halls with a brand new Hat

My last Christmas present this year came from my brother, who managed to snag an authentic Biltmore hat from Jen’s dad, who did got a couple for a job he did.  Sweet.

Behind me you see the picture he drew of me a lifetime ago.  Though you can’t really see it, I had an elastic headband on that kept my oversized aviator glasses on.  It’s probably a very good thing that picture was not drawn from the front.

While no one can ever accuse me of being a slave to fashion (though they might accuse me of dressing like a slave) I have always wanted an iconic look.  Something that I can use on a daily basis that simply says “me.”

It’s probably petty, self indulgent and indicative of a insecure personality to need a “look” but I don’t see it as need.  More like a perk.

A damned sexy perk. Dunno about the feather, though.

But speaking of insecurity, I’m full of it right now.  I haven’t written or edited a damn thing like I hoped to.  I want to start the new year off right, but am afraid I’ll just choke.

Then at the bookstore I came across a book.  Imagine that.  Well, actually this was one of those moments where you go “Dang, was that put there for me?”  because the title of the book is “Seven Steps on the Writer’s Path – The Journey from Frustration to Fulfillment.”

Now I give most self-help books the same kind of respect as a dog turd on the sidewalk, and an equally wide berth.  I believe in figuring out and sorting out my own problems – especially when it comes to writing – and don’t need a feel good book to make me look on the bright side of life.

But this is different.  Checking out the back blurb it sounds like this is all about what I’m going through and just might have a perspective worth reading.  Besides, my good friend Shelley has been bugging me to read a different book other than On Writing for once.  Heh.  Well, we’ll see if this offers anything useful, or just pandering pop psychology pap.


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